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We don't typically engage in hyperbole, but we will say that no matter what problem you have, we've already been part of the solution.


What is a Nelson Power-mate Liquid Drive you may ask? Also known as a type of Variable Speed Drives(VSD's) they are a cost effective and energy efficient machine that provides speed and torque control as well as torsional isolation of fans, pumps, conveyors, high horse power applications and other process equipment. Suttons is willing to customize units to meet your needs.

Please see the videos below for more information on what a "Liquid Drive", VSD is.

We are the only manufacturing facility that has built new and reconditioned drives for Liquid Drive Corp. before they ceased operations.

Suttons has picked up where Liquid Drive Corp. left off and have improved the original design to provide a better more reliable machine to handle the tasks you put it through.

We are also a full machine and fabrication shop. We are open to the public. So if you have idea or need something fixed come in and we will make it happen we are open to anything big or small

Suttons keeps detailed records and makes drafting prints for every part that comes thru our shop. We find having a clean cut and clear idea of what our customer needs is important. And now we would like to offer this same high quality service to the general public and provide them with the means to make your ideas come to life on paper.

Machine capabilities:
Lansing lathe(big lathe): 60” diameter swing over bed, 43” diameter swing over saddle, 240” between centers
Monarch lathe: 18-1/2” diameter swing over bed, 11-1/2” diameter swing over cross Slide, 54” between centers
Bridgeport mill: 36" Table travel (X-Axis), 12" Saddle Travel (Y-Axis), 16" Knee Travel (Z-Axis), 12" Ram Travel
Radial arm drill press: 3ft travel on the arm, 11” diameter column, 2-1/2ft column travel
Large Knees
boring bars
plus much much more....

Fabricating capabilities:
Light, Med. And Heavy fabricating
If it is made out of metal we can fabricate it.
Steel, Stainless, Cast ,Brass, Aluminum, Copper, we can weld it all.
Spool gun(for aluminum and stainless)
Torch and plasma cutting
Horizontal and vertical band saws
5 ton overhead gantry
Metal break:
Powder coating coming soon!!
5ft x 2-1/2ft x 4-1/2ft tall
up to 550F
Sand blasting cabinet:

Specialty Services:
*Dynamic balancing: 6ft long up to 6ft on major OD, Balance down to a mill, 1lbs up to 2000lbs
*We also repair and fix hydraulic power supplies.